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Record: oai:ARNO:535245

AuthorC.C. Berg
TitleStudies on the flora of the Guianas 20. The Dorstenia species (Moraceae) of south-eastern tropical America
JournalMiscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium
AbstractOne new species of Dorstenia from Brazil is described: D. carautae C.C. Berg, and four new combinations are made: D. cayapia Vellozo subsp. asaroides (Hooker) C.C. Berg, D. cayapia Vellozo subsp. paraguariensis (Hassler) C.C. Berg, D. cayapia Vellozo subsp. vitifolia (Gardner) C.C. Berg, and D. ramosa (Desvaux) Carauta, Valente & Sucre subsp. dolichocaula (Pilger) C.C. Berg. A list of and a key to the 22 Dorstenia species distinguished in south-eastern tropical America are presented, together with synonymy and distributional data.
Document typearticle
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