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Record: oai:ARNO:535278

AuthorsC.C. Berg, R.W.A.P. Akkermans
TitleStudies on the flora of the Guianas 14. New taxa and combinations in Sorocea (Moraceae) and a key to its species
JournalMiscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium
AbstractThe 16 recognized species of Sorocea are listed with their synonyms and distribution. Two new taxa are described: S. steinbachii C.C. Berg and S. hirtella Mildbread ssp. oligotricha Akkermans & Berg. Three new combinations are made: S. muriculata Miquel ssp. uaupensis (Baillon) C.C. Berg, S. trophoides W. Burger ssp. rhodorachis (Cuatrecasas) C.C. Berg, and S. sprucei (Baillon) Macbride ssp. saxicola (Hassler) C.C. Berg. A key to the species is presented.
Document typearticle
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