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Record: oai:ARNO:535281

AuthorsC.C. Berg, E.C.H. van Heusden
TitleStudies on the flora of the Guianas. 36. New taxa and combinations in Pourouma (Cecropiaceae)
JournalMiscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium
AbstractThe 23 species recognized in Pourouma are listed with their synonyms and distribution. Two new subspecies are described: P. melinonii Benoist subsp. glabrata C.C. Berg & van Heusden and P. tomentosa Miquel subsp. persecta Standley ex C.C. Berg & van Heusden. Ten new combinations are made: P. bicolor Martius subsp. chocoana (Standley) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. bicolor subsp. digitata (Trécul) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. bicolor subsp. scobina (Benoist) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. bicolor subsp. tessmannii (Mildbraed) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. guianensis Aublet subsp. venezuelensis (Cuatrecasas) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. hirsutipetiolata Mildbraed subsp. hispida (Standley & Cuatrecasas) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. mollis Trécul subsp. triloba (Trécul) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, P. tomentosa Miquel subsp. apiculata (Benoist) subsp. essequiboensis (Standley) C.C. Berg & van Heusden, and P. tomentosa subsp. maroniensis (Benoist) C.C. Berg & van Heusden. A key to the species and subspecies is presented.
The present paper gives in a concise form the results of a revisional treatment of Pourouma and studies on behalf of treatments of the genus for the Flora of the Guianas and the Flora de Venezuela.
Document typearticle
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